Business Solutions

Custom Software Development

We build tailor-made software to meet the specific business goals of our clients and partners. All of them have complex business models and rely on our customised software to manage several functions for their organization. Hence, the software we build must cover all business requirements of an organization and be relevant to its field of activity. Most often we work with requirements for specific restrictions on access to information, personal data protection, integration with internal and external systems, development of reporting and analytical features and functionality, unique interface, etc. In our work on IT projects, we cover the entire process of development and implementation of business solutions - analysis and definition of requirements, selection of appropriate technology, application software development, implementation, end user trainings and support.

When building our custom software, we comply with security requirements, including standard security requirements and data management conditions under the GDPR. We follow the best practices of OWASP® Foundation and our software applications are developed and verified accordingly.

Software Auditing and Consulting Services

Our team of experienced professionals can analyze information, identify current and potential problems for your organization, provide solutions and recommendations for optimization of business processes.

Our software consulting services include:

  • Analysis and evaluation of available business and system requirements.
  • Risk assessment.
  • Examination of software architecture and implementation.
  • Analysis of security issues in the programming code.
  • Quality assurance and control in compliance with the best practices for software security, as outlined by OWASP® Foundation.