Software Support and Maintenance

Our software support and maintenance services cover all current functionalities as well as all future ones that might be integrated during the support period. Crossroad’s team of QA professionals resolves issues and responds to problems reported by clients.

Various activities fall within the scope of our software support and maintenance services, such as:

  • Correction of user errors that cannot be corrected by means of user interface.
  • Application tuning to increase performance and make it run smoothly (code optimization, load balancing, caching strategy, distributed computing, etc.)
  • Continuous performance improvement or making small changes to software - all changes other than changes in functionality, user interface design, architecture, software and hardware platforms fall in this category.
  • Provision of new versions within the already implemented and accepted functionalities.
  • Telephone and email consultations for issues related to functionality of individual software modules and the application in general.
  • Preliminary consultations on the amount of work required to implement a new functionality, the likely impact of this functionality on the technological processes and the expected outcomes of the implementation.
  • Ensuring compatibility and operability of our solutions with the latest versions of system and application software supplied by third parties (Server OS, DB, etc.).
  • Source code and documentation updates when changes are made.
  • Other support and maintenance activities, depending on the specific requirements of the client.